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The quarterly meeting agenda shall contain a title for each item of business to be transacted or discussed.

The quarterly agenda shall be posted on the bulletin in the KUYI radio station at least 1 week before the meeting.

The closed session agenda shall strictly conform to the format specified in the Communications Act.

The KUYI Station Manager shall prepare a written report, or give an oral report, of any action taken in closed session that is required to be reported in open session by the Communications Act and that report shall be available for inspection and/or copying at the meeting during which the closed session is held.

Listeners interested in participating in their children’s’ Hopi Lavayi [language] education can also read along while listening to State and Federally approved language curriculum.

Emergency information is updated here in real-time as well as at multiple social media sites.

KUYI's approach to address identified community matters is by striving to have a positive effect on Hopi and all our listeners through public discussion of issues impacting Indian Country; our forums seek input from youth to elders on Tribal news, culture, language revitalization, environmental and health reporting, as well as other matters our audience deems important.

KUYI is the local resource for emergency information staying up to date on community events.

KUYI includes qualified diverse candidates in any slate of candidates for elected governing boards that the Grantee controls.

KUYI station participates in minority or other diversity job fairs.

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